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  • Mini Bumper Car
  • Mini Bumper Car
  • Mini Bumper Car
  • Mini Bumper Car
Mini Bumper CarMini Bumper CarMini Bumper CarMini Bumper Car

Mini Bumper Car

  • Exciting Bumper Car For Toddlers - Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Play
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  • Model: MINI-10001
  • Delivery Detail:7-14 Days
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Port:Shanghai,China
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Size: 73*73*48cm(28.7*28.7*18.8inch)
Material: Fiberglass Body+Metal Frame
Motor: DC24V 150w*2pcs
Battery: DC12V/20Ah*2pcs
Speed: 1-2km/h adjust
Weight: 28kg
Max Load weight: 80kg

Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality materials, our Bumper Car For Toddlers is built to withstand rough play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

Easy to Operate: Equipped with a simple steering wheel and foot pedal, kids can easily control the car’s movements, enhancing their motor skills and coordination.

360-Degree Spinning: The bumper car can spin in any direction, adding an extra element of excitement to your child’s playtime.

Soft Bumper Protection: The car is designed with soft bumpers to prevent any injuries or damage to furniture or walls during play.

Adjustable Seat Belt: The seat belt ensures your child’s safety and can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes.

Attractive Design: With vibrant colors and a sleek design, our bumper car will capture your child’s imagination and provide a visually appealing experience.

Play Area Requirements:

Indoor and Outdoor Use: Our Bumper Car For Toddlers can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for various play environments.

Smooth Surface: Ensure the play area has a smooth surface, free from any obstacles or hazards that may hinder the car’s movement.

Ample Space: Provide enough space for the car to move around freely, allowing your child to enjoy an uninterrupted ride.

Instructions for Use:

Assembly: Follow the provided instructions to assemble the bumper car easily. No additional tools are required.

Charging: Charge the car’s battery fully before the first use to ensure optimal performance.

Operating: Once charged, your child can hop in the car, hold the steering wheel, and use the foot pedal to control its movements. Encourage them to have fun while being mindful of their surroundings.

Maintenance: Regularly check the car for any loose parts or damage. Clean the car with a damp cloth and mild soap when necessary.

Additional Facilities:

Charging Station: Set up a designated charging station for the bumper car to ensure convenient and safe charging.

Safety Gear: Provide your child with a helmet and knee/elbow pads for added protection during play.

Get our Bumper Car Ride On For Kids today and give your toddler an unforgettable and safe playtime experience!

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