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Dodgem Bumper CarsDodgem Bumper CarsDodgem Bumper CarsDodgem Bumper CarsDodgem Bumper CarsDodgem Bumper Cars

Dodgem Bumper Cars

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Dodgem Bumper Cars for Sale

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Quality dodgem bumper cars for sale in Fwu-long Amusement. Dodgems and bumper cars actually describe the same flat ride which consist of several small cars powered by electricity or gas. So dodgems, bumper cars, dodgem cars, or dashing cars are the variant names of the same popular amusement ride. Dodgem bumper cars are popular fairground rides with long history and with the development of technology, there are more and more choices in terms of materials, sizes, themes, colors and so on. In light of the popularity, dodgem cars can definitely draw great many people to your venues. So you can never go wrong with the investments in dodgem bumper cars.

Buy Dodgem Bumper Cars from Manufacturer Fwu-long

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Fwu-long Amusement is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dodgem bumper cars in China with rich experience and advanced technology. Fwu-long Amusement designs and makes a large variety of dodgem bumper cars with high quality as well as reasonable prices. The dodgem bumper cars in Fwu-long are all made and assembled in our own factory. And all of these dodgems can be customized in colors, sizes, themes, materials and so on to suit your needs. So if you want to buy dodgem bumper cars for your amusement rides businesses, you should work with Fwu-long Amusement and bring more revenues for you. Of course, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars, Fwu-long can not only offer you quality dodgem bumper cars with low prices, but also provide your professional advice concerning your amusement ride businesses.

Dodgems and Bumper Cars in Fwu-long

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As a top manufacturer and supplier of fairground bumper cars, Fwu-long can design and make many different kinds of dodgems. As for materials for the bodies, there are Inflatable Bumper Cars and fiberglass bumper cars. For sizes, there are mini bumper cars for kids only, large ones for adults, as well as medium ones for both kids and adults. there are portable bumper cars and remote control dodgem bumper cars as well. And all these bumper cars come with different colors, sizes, themes, designs, and so on. So you should be careful enough to choose which kind of dodgem cars fit you the best.

Special Features of Dodgem Bumper Cars in Fwu-long

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Great investments. Dodgem bumper cars in Fwu-long are proven to great investments for customers, for they can draw great many guests to your venues and can generate long term revenues for you.

Many choices. As mentioned above, there are so many kinds of dodgem bumper cars for you to choose. And the fact is that we can customize what kind of dodgem bumper car you want.
High quality. No matter which dodgem bumper car you choose, they are all built with high quality materials to ensure they are safe for riders of all ages and they can last long time to make you great money.
High quality. All the dodgem bumper cars are made of quality materials, and made with great care. They are checked and rechecked by our workers before they leave our factory.
Highly responsive. With great work as well advanced technology, Fwu-long dodgem bumper cars are highly responsive in motions.
Great customer support. Fwu-long Amusement is professional manufacture of dodgem bumper cars

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